My name is Jess Wilson and I’m a Parisholic

All my loved ones know that Jess is a thorough Parisholic, and they accepted it, finally. I visited Paris (and other cities, towns and small villages of this glorious country) thousand times, but I always stayed engaged.

  • Each time I discover its new faces and shades, unknown streets and buildings.
  • Being a designer (just a lamer but still), I pay attention to millions of décor details and architecture peculiarities.
  • I adore the process of observing: how the French walk, talk to each other, gesticulate; what food they buy in the local outdoor cafés or the way they dress.

Paris is an endless source of investigations, and I’m a tireless investigator of its beauty and habits.

Paris of our dreams

Staying in Paris, I can’t stand buying all these lovely souvenirs – from some expensive décor issues on out to cups and key fobs featuring La Tour Eiffel or other well-known sights.

The Eiffel Tower is a special place for me and my beloved boyfriend, Tommy. We met each other for the first time on the top of this Iron Lady of Paris. So, it’s a kind of symbolic place for both of us. Last year, Tom presented me one of the Leonid Afremov’s pictures called “Paris of My Dream” (it’s a great example of cityscape art, isn’t it?). He said that his cherished dream came true the day we‘d met. It was one of the most touching moments in my life, and I always remember it while looking at this marvelous picture (it hangs on the wall in our living room).  After all, how could I be disinterested in this magic city, huh?!

Parisholic’s collection of art

Besides, Paris cityscapes are depicted on the canvas of many famous artists. Some of them are saved in my personal art collection at home (it’s quite rich, that’s a given!).

  • Antoine Blanchard and his fascinating series of winter Paris painting. I’d say Monsieur Blanchard is my favorite cityscape artists.
  • John Patrick O’Brien and his series called “Romantic Paris”. He has an extremely distinguished manner of painting. My grandma has a dozen of reproductions of his paintings.
  • Edouard Cortes and his marvelous and ambient painting called “Triumphal Arch”. He is a genius of cityscapes. Modern art lacks such brilliant artists as Edouard Cortes, the pick of post-impressionism era.
  • Leonid Afremov and his second work in my collection – “Café in Paris”. I’m absolutely lost to its vivid ambience! When I was a little girl, it seemed to me that all those people depicted on canvas were talking to each other (in French, of course), laughing and moving. Yes, I had luxuriant imagination!

So if you love Paris as much as I do, you can use this list for your own design project!


My interstellar decor ideas

Looking for extraordinary and simple interior lighting solutions for my recent project, I found out that lighting as a decoration issues remain on the top places in trend hierarchy nowadays. American designers focus on statement lighting of unusual and even weird forms. I follow the latest news and activities of American Institute of Decorators that helps me be aware about all trendy issues in design. I learnt about this famous association at while working on one of my articles at the university.

Trying to follow this trend, I found the most incredible lighting fixture among all I had seen and bought before. It was made in the shape of Leo constellation. You cannot believe but my client is of the same astrological sign! It is definitely sure winner!

The design of this decor issue is refined and very creative. There are light bulbs that imitates disposition of stars in the constellation, and thin, wavy connectors between the light bulbs. These connectors are made of the lightest metal and perfectly harmonize with the ceiling color palette. After the installation, I was so happy to admit that it looked like a real star constellation (especially, in switched-on state).

Following the star theme, I’ve decided to install two wall-mounted lighting fixtures on both sides of the bed in my client’s bedroom. I was extremely lucky to find the necessary items with fabulous fashionable lampshades. The main point here – these lampshades were the precise copies of evening sky (with stars, Milky Way, moon, etc.). What a mercy!

Hi, people!

I’m Jessica Wilson and I’m fond of interior design. I’m a happy person because one of my favorite hobbies has become my profession I adore. One year ago, I started my career in one of the top design agencies based in New York. Fortunately, my boyfriend is my colleague and my support. His name is Tom Hurts, and he is the most talented interior designer I ever met. You may think that a couple of creative people are a nut house, yeah? Of course, it is not. We complement each other extremely well and contribute to personal and professional development.